10 Best Games Like Happy Wheels In 2020

Happy wheels is still one of the most played games on the internet. People are just totally curious and excited about it because of many reasons. The main reason is the environment which is offered by the game. Different tasks are assigned to the users in the different levels. Not only levels but characters are also embedded in the game. All of them do have their own special specifications and skills. Choosing your character wisely is as important as having a safe side from all the obstacles. Fancy Force is the developer of this arcade game. Many other games like Happy Wheels are published out there. Here I’ll be pointing out some basics about happy wheels and alternatives to it.

You can even find Android and iOS versions but most of them are just clones and aren’t official. Different puzzles are also placed inside the game which makes it hard for the user to complete all the levels in a short time. With the increase in score and levels, different characters are unlocked.

According to its author, almost all the levels are handcrafted and pretty much physics based. This simply means that there’ll be no or very fewer bugs in the game. Players can also edit the levels using its level editor. This is a great additional feature which is introduced in happy wheels.

Now, it’s time to talk about some other games like Happy Wheels. I’ll be focused on games which I’ve played and some suggestions from other gamers as well. Hope you’ll love all these alternatives to happy wheels.

10 Best Games Like Happy Wheels

Let’s figure out some of the greatest alternatives and suggested games by other players. All these games are based on the puzzle, running, survival and many other things which match the gameplay of happy wheels. Here are best games like Happy Wheels you should try in 2018.


1. Happy Heli

Happy Heli is totally a ditto of happy wheels. The only difference is that in this game, the character is flying and your task is to guide him all the way throughout the levels. Deadly obstacles are just waiting up all around the levels. There’s online, Android and iOS version available. This means that happy heli can be enjoyed on all the platforms.

Characters are also similar to happy wheels. Player has to fly the helicopter chair over towers and your main fictional person will be hanging along with the flying chair. Don’t stir the tool much otherwise you’ll lose.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Appy.Land

iOS: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/skate-fighter/id553329913?mt=8&at=1010lvpn


2. Run 3

Run 3 is the perfect suggestion for you. It’s because thousands of people are already playing it every single day. People are loving it because of its gameplay and fictional character. In fact, students are playing run 3 unblocked version at school. This clearly shows how popular and amazing is run 3.

Basically, the gamer needs to control an alien which is lost in the space and running from some dangerous people. The track on which he’s running is really dangerous and full of holes. Holes are just the gate to open space and this might leads to death. Hence use your skills and save that innocent alien by saving him from all the obstacles and pits etc.

Website: https://run3unblocked.us/


3. 60 Second Burger Run

60 Second Burner Run is another best games like happy wheels. It gives us good enough feeling like playing Super Mario but it’s not Mario. It’s just a game in which a fat character is running all around the maps to get a burger. Levels are full of caves, obstacles, dangers, and failures. But, if you want the character to eat the burger, make sure to complete the levels.

Every level is loaded with different tasks and once reached the finish line, a flying bus will fly you away, towards the next challenge.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames66/60-second-burger-run


4. Monkey Go Happy 6

Monkey Go Happy 6 is a puzzle and task-based game. Hence, it has similar gaming concept to happy wheels which is to find the correct way to solve and complete the levels. Basically, in Money Go Happy, the gamer needs to click on different objects in the game to find hidden objects. All those hidden objects will be then used to those objects will be used to complete the tasks.

It seems to be easy gameplay but it’s really hard to find those hidden objects. The gamer needs to focus on the level map and figuring out where a hidden object might be placed. Every single click is being counted and more clicks mean less score.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames66/monkey-go-happy-6


5. Bike Master

Bike Master is a challenging game to play online. What I loved the most is its graphics. Physics seems to bricked in most part of the games but that’ll only happen once you fall off the bike. Most gamers have played dirk bike games before. The rule is simple, don’t accelerate too much and move over the obstacles gently. Speeding up while crossing the rocks, drums etc. will result in possible failure.

Tracks of Bike Mater is gently designed and comes with detailed classic graphics. Slopes are cleverly designed so that biker will surely fall of his/her bike. Play the game to know more about it.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames66/bike-master


6. 18 Wheeler 2

18 Wheeler 2 is a 2D game but it’s really challenging to complete all the levels. I’m saying this because different tasks are provided in the game which is parking your truck, loading your luggage etc. The real challenge is with the truck, 18 wheeler truck is really very tough to handle and touching/hitting the walls means failure of missions.

There’s a timer for each level which will only stop if your truck is parked. Hence, obstacles+time limit equals the drastic increase in hardness throughout the game.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames66/18-wheeler-2


7. 3D Car Driver

3D Car Driver game’s gameplay is just simple with heart beating experience. It’s because gamer just needs to control his/her car with the muse. Means just hover the mouse within the game map and car will change its direction according to the mouse moment. There’s only one task, which is to protect as many people you can and collect cash which is spread all over the track.

Red and Green colored people can be easily seen. Red colored one represents no cash, and green one represents some dollars. Hit as many green colored objects to make more cash and complete the tasks.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames66/3d-car-driver


8. A Small Car 2

A Small Car 2 is car driving simulator with minimalistic graphics but still provides a better gaming experience. From countryside maps to a hilly area and advanced territory, all types of maps can be seen in Small Car 2. What I liked the most is game physics and despite being a small game, it still provides good enough enjoyable GUI to the gamer.

Control keys are just simple. Use control keys to move your car and adventurous things like drifting etc. is also possible. Once you reach the end point, time is noted and it can be considered as your score as well.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames66/a-small-car-2


9. Agent Smith

Agent Smith is a role-playing game in which you need to play a role of an agent. As we know that the work of a secret agent is really very hard and challenging. The game follows the same pattern and challenging tasks are assigned to the player.

When police can’t solve a case, like a building full of people, is attacked by terrorists, then Agent Smith is called for help. Mainly buildings are having multiple stories and all the stores are full of refugees. Use your skills and find the way to protect all people one by one.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames66/agent-smith


10. Acid Rising

Acid Rising is a role-playing game. The one and only mission are to complete all the tasks in a level. With the increase in time, the acid level will rise and it results. So, it’s needed to complete all the tasks till acid level reaches critical. Use ninja techniques to climb over the walls.

I’ve enjoyed the first 5 levels and believe me, it’s really very hard to complete all those. Even learning the ninja techniques to climb the walls takes time. I mean, it’s easy but to master it, you probably need some time.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/allunblockedgames66/acid-rising

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