12 Best Emuparadise Alternatives [Working] [2020]

Emuparadise used to be the Top site in the game for downloading ROMs. But from Jun 2018, the website took down all of its links which were linking to ROM files. Reason? well, Nintendo decided to file lawsuits against all the websites which were hosting copyrighted material from Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Anyways as of now if you will click on any link on emuparadise that supposedly directs you to a ROM file, you will be a ‘file not found’ error. The same is the case with various other ROM providing sites as well.

But don’t worry here I have compiled a list of 12 of the best ROM sites which are good emuparadise alternatives, all the websites on the list do work and you should be able to find and download your favorite ROMs.


Please note that the purpose of this post is not to encourage piracy in any form or manner. Downloading copies of files that you do not own is illegal, this post is for informational purposes only.

With this out of the way here is a list of Best Emuparadise Alternatives.


1. Vimm’s Lair

Vimm’s Liar is can be the one-stop destination for you if you want games for only popular classic consoles. Currently, it is considered one of the best emuparadise alternative. Their site has over 8000 ROMs available for 10+ classic and handheld consoles.

Vimm’s Liar has existed along the internet since 1997, way back before any of the popular ROM sites came to existence. They also provide a separate service called The Emulator Lair, which hosts emulators for Nintendo, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Playstation, Nintendo 64, Wii, Game Boy and Nintendo DS with download links for Windows, Mac & Linux

The site has a very clean interface with no ads at all(except one at the home page). The site is very easy to navigate around and with features like alphabetical sorting and advanced search, your favorite rom can be found very easily.

URL: https://vimm.net/


2. Romulation

A fairly modern website while comparing it to others on the list. Romulations has all the consoles with their respective pictures listed on the homepage along with a search bar, you can search for a ROMs download page with ease.

While they don’t host games for consoles like Casio, Sharp, and Atari, they do have a relatively nice collection of ROMs for most of the popular consoles like NES, n64, Wii, GBC, GBA, nds, 3ds and many many more. ROMs from top regions like USA, Japan, Europe & more can be found on Romulation.

The site also displays currently Popular ROMs on their site, if you are looking for some new games to play then this is the section to check out.

URL: https://www.romulation.net/


3. The eye

The eye is not necessarily a site, instead, it is a service started in 2017 with a goal to preserve the files present on the web. You can visit a page on The Eye which has ROM files available for every console imaginable. Their archives of ROMs are huge, with over one hundred and fifty thousand files and still counting on.

It is a good emuparadise alternative and the files can be downloaded directly from the-eye’s servers with exception of some files which require a torrent client. If for some reasons you want to download every ROM available on their website (Size over 3 TB!!!), you can do so.

URL: https://the-eye.eu/public/rom/


4. CDRomance

The count of ROMs which they provide might not be that much but their service and good quality are what makes CDRomance great.

They have ROMs for various Playstation and Nintendo emulators including Psp, psx and ps2 and as for the Nintendo systems they provide gb, gbc, gba, snes, gamecube and nds ROMs.

On the download page for the rom, you will find the screenshots of the gameplay & original cover for the game title, along with that you can also see the Region and release date of the game.

URL: https://cdromance.com/


5. DopeRoms

Doperoms has one of the best if not the best rom inventory of all the sites listed here. if you will visit their rom section of the site you will be shocked to see how long their list of supported consoles is. They have rom files for popular consoles like gbc, gba, nes, snes & ps3, and also for Tandy Coco, Tangerine Oric, and Cybiko (have of heard of them before?).

Currently, they have over 200 emulators available for download and over 170,000 ROM files to play on them, which makes it a good alternative for emuparadise.

If you think that you have played every single game that you knew of and looking for some other games to play, for some recommendations, you can check out their Top roms section, most popular & most downloaded roms of their sites are listed there.

Once you click on the roms you want, you will land on the download page, where you will find a couple of images related to the rom and a one-click download button.

URL: https://www.doperoms.com/


6. RomsEmulator

Another good emuparadsie alternative for downloading roms. RomsEmulator is fairly new to the secne of downloading roms but is getting popular with each passing day. With the addition to the use of non-intrusive ads, one thing that I really liked about their site is the easy to navigate UI and because of the simple design, the website can be browsed using a mobile device with ease.

They have roms available for over 35 different consoles.

Their download section might not look big while comparing to other sites in the competition like The-Eye, vimms lair and Doperoms but popular & most wanted titles can be easily found there.

URL: https://romsemulator.net/


7. TheROMDepot

It is an Archival site for ROMs & a good emuparadise alternative. TheROMDepot indexes ROMs in the same way as The Eye does. There are no ads on site, they don’t use any fancy layouts list most of the other sites. Instead, they use a simple to browse UI with files indexed nicely in their respective folders. Finding the ROMs are very easy, you can also use the search bar to find a specific ROM.

They index almost all ROMs for Nintendo & SEGA and a few other classic consoles. Along with original ROMs, they also have a separate folder for Fan-made games/Hacks. You can also download their full archives if you want to, you can do so by using torrent or direct download.

URL: https://theromdepot.com/(Might require a VPN)


8. Emulanium

It has to be one of the straight-forward and working sites like emuparadise which still provides you with direct rom download links. The layout is very simple and easy to navigate. No pop-us or any annoyance, just a download page for roms, emulators, some blog posts and a couple of more pages.

Just like doperoms, they also feature a cheats page. This page has tips, tricks, and secrets for a couple of console games. Currently they have GBA, NES, N64, MAME & SEGA roms available for download. Emulanium also provides you with corresponding emulators to go along with the roms they provide.


9. Gamulator

While gamulator’s list of Consoles that they have ROMs for is huge, they only have rom files for GBA, GBC, N64, NDS, Atari, MAME, SNES & SEGA consoles, Others Console pages just have a single or a couple of ROMs in them. But they do have all the emulators to run the rom files that they list. Overall, it is not a bad site to download roms from. They also have a blog that has many posts with recommendations, tips, and similar stuff.


10. WoWroms

wowroms was not known by that many people, but the emupardise downfall boosted the site’s traffic off the charts and it became one of the popular emuparadise alternatives to get ROMs from. Their ROM collection is also great consisting of thousand of games for almost every console ever. You can play GBA roms online on wowroms, they run pretty well and that too without a flash player installed.

11. EdgeEmu

You can get ROMS for over 50 consoles from edgeemu, they have a total of more than 55k + ROMs available on their site. On Edgeemu, you can also play some of the game ROMs online. The ROM files run on a emulator online using a flash player, allowing you to play games on your Web browser. Of course, you can also download the ROM in the traditional way.

12. Romsmode

Again, a good site to download old-school ROMS from. Tons of roms are available for a variety of consoles. The site has a fairly modern design and because of the huge search bar on the homepage and their huge collection, searching for a rom is easier than ever. They also have all the console names listed on the homepage. Down from there, you check their popular roms section if you need recommendations.



So this marks the end of my post about working Emuparadise alternatives.

I have not listed the websites in any particular order, so you can try every one of them to see which one of them best suits your needs. I have tested each one of them and they work perfectly fine.

Some of you might be wondering why sites like coolrom, theoldcomputer & others not on the list. Well, you see the sites are working fine but most of their downloadable roms from popular Nintendo consoles are gone so I was not able to put them in this post.

But if you think that your favorite safe & ‘still working’ ROM sites are not on the list, you can ping me down in the comments and I will consider adding them in the list.

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